Dimitris and Nancy, sometimes they say that distance is a negative factor for everything to work as it should, but you are one of the shining examples to follow!! Our collaboration has been flawless all this time, the warmth you radiate as people, and your sweetness were missed by us just a few days after your wedding!!! A wedding decorated in shades of lavender and olive leaves. Flowers chosen were lisianthus, roses, lavender, and amaranthus pouring from the arrangements!! Our candy bar was filled with sweets, a refreshing bar, and at the church, everything harmoniously tied in with the space for your guests! Thank you once again for all the trust you have placed in us despite the miles that separate us!! Dimitris and Nancy Thomassin, may you find happiness together with your little angels!!

Wedding & events planning: Wedding fairytales

Reception: Belvedere Hotel Kalamata

Photography: Stelios Kritikakis

Sweets: Afroditi Anastopoulou

Biscuits & popsticks: Elina’s Sweet Adventures/

Stationery : ES PROUD Invitations

Wedding cake: Sitos

Thank you very much for the wonderful shots by Stelios Kritikakis and for providing them. The rest of the images are captures by the team of Wedding Fairytales – Popi Charitou.