The following photos are taken by the Weddingfairytales team – Antony Sklivagkos. Popi Charitou. The first contact with our couple, and specifically with our sweet Nelli, was about 9 months ago, and her almost immediate positive response to our collaboration! Something that truly fills me with great joy, Nelli dear, even though you were in Toronto, and we hadn’t spoken in person, you trusted me with such a special moment of yours! I remember vividly when it was time to choose the flower colors… I know I overwhelmed you with all the alternatives… and you said to me, ‘Elena, I’m tired of thinking about it, I want only green and white…’ After that, my sweet girl, all that comes to my mind is the image of the reception venue, and I remembered your words… how right you were!! At that moment, I too fell in love with this combination, elegant… it says it all!! Thank you for what you made me learn, and thank you once again for entrusting me with everything!! Sam Bekiaris & Nelli Karagianni, I wish you from the bottom of my heart a life rich in smiles and happiness; that’s what you deserve, being as sweet as you are.

Εvent planning & Deco flowers: Weddingfairytales

Χώρος δεξίωσης: Κτήμα Πόλα

 Catering Γεύσεις: θυμισες Κουκούτσης

Photographer : Kostas 

Videography: Panagiotis Katsivas

Live music: Sotiris Kokkoris  Γιώργος Βελισσάρης (Giorgos Velissaris) /

Wedding cake & sweets: Afroditi Anastopoulou