When there’s a distance like ‘a cigarette’s length,’ as our beloved bride Linda Rondo and our groom Thodoris Tsoutsouras say, and when there’s a perfect relationship, cooperation, and trust, everything falls into place! The result is unique; it truly took all of us on a journey to places around the world, to memories and flavors! Our colors were wonderfully summery and cheerful, our spirits were high, and the aura you both emit as a couple is truly exceptional! I’m so happy to have met you and that we managed to bring smiles of happiness to your guests and yourselves despite all the challenges! The lens of the unique and tireless Stelios Kritikakis, the hospitality of Destino Cafe, the care of the amazing Tselios Catering, as well as my wonderful team that helped bring to life many of the things you’ll see, allow me to thank you for your trust and our entire collaboration!!! May your life be ever in bloom! And remember, ‘even if a cigarette’s length separates us,’ with goodwill and proper cooperation, we always achieve the desired result! Your celebration was simply flawless and unforgettable. Well done for enjoying it to the fullest that night!!!

Wedding planner and flower decoration: Wedding fairytales

Photographer: Stelios Kritikakis

Catering: Tselios catering

Resataurant: Destino Cafe Pool Bar Restaurant