Organization-Floral arrangements

Photography by Panos Lahanas

Church: Holy Temple of the Annunciation of the Theotokos

Restaurant: Trilogy

DJ: Vasilis Kalamata

Biscuits by Elina’s Sweet Adventures

Sweets by Afroditi Anastopoulou (Sitos)

Ice cream by Athanasiou

Fuchsia, pink, lilac, green, white – these were our color themes, all harmoniously combined with the stonework of our beautiful church, creating fairytale-like images for little Chrysalis. Fotis and Maria, I was delighted to get to know you first as people, and now I admire you for the immense love you have for your sweet little one. Maria, a special and big thank you to you for everything you did, whether it was sweet words or handmade placemats! May your beauty shine, and may you always be healthy and strong!