Why hire a wedding planner?

Many times we hear the word “wedding planner,” and we wonder why we have to add an extra cost to our wedding budget.

Did you ever think that a “wedding planner” can prove to be life saving … for the following reasons:

  1. To save money Weddings can be extremely costly. By hiring a wedding planner, the couple will save enough money. And that’s because wedding planners work with a lot of professionals in the field and can negotiate prices more easily. Also, the wedding planner can much better set limits on the wedding budget and adhere strictly.
  2. To save time Organizing a wedding takes a long time! A wedding planner will manage as you need time, do all the research for the right professionals, find all those ideas that will make the wedding special!
  3. To all of your relatives enjoy the wedding On the wedding day, the wedding planner assumes all the responsibilities, otherwise the relatives would take. Usually, every relative has a duty to perform, which does not allow him to participate in the joy of the day and be next to the couple. Everyone wants to enjoy the same day!
  4. For psychological support Weddings are very stressful! How many times the couple has contradicted themselves not only with each other but also with other family members such as mums and fathers. The wedding planner is there to protect these relationships and manage the situations.
  5. For the aesthetic decoration of the space A wedding planner has organized several weddings and knows well what works and what does not. With free access to countless images at Pinterest and wedding blogs, it makes sense for a bride to get confused, not to know what to choose and if it is finally fit. Many times what someone sees on the internet is not easily applicable to his own marriage, due to season, location or even budget. The role of the wedding planner is to build that concept that will work flawlessly that day and fit into the aesthetics of the couple.
  6. He is “the woman for everything” A wedding involves about twenty-two with twenty-five different professionals. It is a very large number that, together with guests and relatives, can bring a headache to the couple! In this case, the wedding planner undertakes to talk to everyone and solve everybody’s questions.
  7. To keep the program | There are too many professionals who, on the wedding day, need to come together and work together to get a good result. The wedding planner has the role of a conductor and takes care that nothing goes wrong and everything is done on time.
  8. To manage the unexpected | Whether we like it or not, or someone will not do the job properly on the wedding day. No one wants to see the bride in a panic attack because the cake is not delivered or the flowers are withered! The wedding planner takes care of the mistake before it gets noticed.
  9. To be present from beginning to end The wedding planner is present from the beginning of the mystery to the end of the reception and takes care of those little details that no one thinks! Placement of guests in their place, proper service of the guests during the meal, even the safe transfer of all to the reception area.
  10. Destination Weddings | Organizing a marriage in a remote location from home or abroad requires great preparation. It is quite difficult to organize so many professionals in a place where the couple has never been or does not know anyone. A wedding planner with the experience and partnerships it has, can make wedding planning easier.
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