When Should You Contact a Wedding Planner?

At first, stress did not help anyone and especially no bride. Preparations for a wedding can begin 12 months before but you can do everything within six months. We will just advise you that you must slowly organize and at least arrange the first and somewhat more difficult.

That is, it is a good idea in the next few days to decide with your fiancée the exact date, the place where the wedding will take place and the time. Visit the church you want and close the time and date. In that moment, as soon as you close your wedding date this is the right  time to do your appointment with the wedding planner, to make the necessary meetings and to organize the wedding you are dreaming of. I will suggest ideas for your wedding, I will guide you and I can take over all the organization of your wedding and your reception, or just a part of it. Besides, a wedding planner has knowledge of the market and works with other wedding professionals, she can suggest to you the ones she thinks most appropriate to your budget, but also to your aesthetics and wedding style. That is the reason to contact in time ….and have the choice of the other professionals near your style.

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