Clarify the colorful and varied world of flowers

When the time comes to start preparing for your wedding, one of the first things you will think about is, of course, the decoration and, consequently, your wedding flowers! Because… the truth is that flowers will greatly influence both the color choices of your wedding and the overall style and atmosphere of that day. So, it’s very important to choose your wedding flowers with us! As a florist and at the same time a Wedding Planner, I can guide you by creating flower arrangements that will transform your wedding venue, making it look even more like a fairytale.

Wedding Fairytales company designs, creates, and proposes thematic suggestions tailored to the style of the wedding and the desired budget. Here are some questions that brides have asked me at times… They will help you clarify the colorful and diverse world of flowers.

“Wildflowers… they are my favorite flowers!… Can I use them to maintain a rustic theme at my wedding, and are they more economical?”

Certainly, if you’re getting married in Greece in the spring and not in a place where they bloom in the summer. Just like you, I see many beautiful arrangements from abroad, on Pinterest, with rich and colorful bouquets, even compositions with peonies, dahlias, anemones, freesias… However, these photos are not taken during the Greek summer. These flowers (except for freesias, which are available year-round) do not bloom in the summer. Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean you can’t have your wedding with wildflowers. They will be wonderful Dutch or Kenyan flowers that will resemble Greek wildflowers and create unique images at your wedding.

“I’m getting married in August, and I want my bridal bouquet to be made of white peonies. Is it possible? I would like my entire wedding to be adorned with white peonies.”

If the florist manages to find them, the most likely scenario is that they won’t be fresh, as fresh peonies are available in May and June (with the exception of a limited production from Africa in winter, but with a small size and uncertain blooming). Don’t be disappointed, though… David Austin Roses are an option that you will surely like and that will compensate you! Peonies, being a flower that blooms for only a few months a year, also come with a corresponding price… the appropriate budget.

Clarify the colorful and varied world of flowers

Wild flowers … are my favorite flowers! … Is it a flower to preserve a rustic style in my wedding, are they more economical?

Οf course you can .. if you marry in spring in Greece and not in a foreign country where they are blossoming in the summer. Like you, so and I see in many beautiful overseas compositions, in pinterest many rich and varied color bouquets, even compositions with ranunculus,  dahlias, anemones, freesia …. However, these photos have not been taken in Greece. These flowers (except for the freesia produced all year round) do not blossom in the summer. This does not mean, however, that you can not make your wedding with wildflowers. Just will be beautiful flowers from the Netherlands, Kenyan flowers that will look like Greek wildflowers and will be special pictures in your wedding ”

I marry the month of August and I want my bridal bouquet to be white peony. Is it possible? I would like my whole marriage to be white peony.

If the florist can finds out them, the most sure is that they will not be fresh as fresh peony are in May and June (except for a limited production in Africa in the winter but with a small size and doubtful opening). Do not be disappointed. David Austin Roses is an option that you will surely like and will compensate you!

The peony a flowering flower for a few months a year, also has its relative price … its own budget.

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