Organization by Weddingfairytales
Photoshooting by Stelios Kritikakis ( Makeup for the godmother and mother ( Catering by Archontissa Kos Prattis ( Videography by Vasilis Tsafos (

As the spiritual mother of the child you are baptizing, your heart is undoubtedly filled with calmness, purity, innocence, and sweetness. Joy, happiness, and smiles were present throughout the entire family. The choices, made almost instantly within a week by the mother Sophia, the preparations completed in just two days, and the atmosphere were particularly moving due to our bonds!! Friends and relatives helped set up the scene somewhere far away in Vervena, Arcadia. The photographic lens of the beloved Stelios Kritikakis bears witness to the joyful event. Stelios, we thank you very much for the wonderful moments you provided us with. Flawless makeup for the godmother and mother was done by the wonderful Athina Mpaliki… The impeccable catering by Archontissa (, and the invaluable assistance of the entire team that set up the scene, show a calm, carefree baptism set up with a lot of love!!