Maria & Tasos…and they lived happily ever after

The following photos are taken by the Weddingfairytales team – Antony Sklivagkos. Maria Bozika & Tsioutsios Anastasios, whatever I say about you as people will be insufficient!!! Your kindness, your noble souls, the calmness you possess as a couple, and even on that day, filled your guests and us with a pleasant atmosphere!! We are delighted to have become a part of this special moment of yours!! May you have a happy life, and may beautiful moments constantly unite you!! I know you’ve been through a lot, and you will continue to face challenges, but remember that what you have developed between you is very special and unique!!! Thank you for everything!!

Event planning: Wedding fairytales

Reception: Ξενώνες-Κτήμα Πόλα

Catering: Κουκούτσης

Photographer: Vangelis Vryonis Photography

Stationery: Esproud

Wedding Cake: Natalia Athanasiou

Dj:Sakis Sadimis Dimitrakopoulos

Hairstyling: Kelly Feretou