Wedding planning offering

  • Consultation (viber, skype or phone support, email)
  • Ceremony and reception venue,research and selection.
  • Booking of the church and the priest (if religious wedding)
  • pre wedding consultation meeting on arrival
  • visit to ceremony reception venues and services suppliers if needed
  • wedding supervision

Arranging and booking the following

  • reception venue and catering
  • flowers and decoration
  • boubounieres
  • stationery
  • wedding cake
  • wedding photographer
  • wedding videographer
  • hair and make up for brides /or bride’s maids
  • transportation for the bride /wedding party/ guests to wedding location and reception by (boat, horsres)
  • live music or dj at the reception
  • fireworks

The wedding proposal has just been done and the preparations are starting, and the search for the internet begins, the phone calls of the mums to their girlfriends to find out who made them one and the other in that amazing wedding that was invited and endless discussions about the wedding dress , the invitations, the reception, the flowers and especially the “how do we start now?” It is commonly known that the employee who does not spend the right time in preparing her marriage ideal, the woman who thinks about many details of the wedding is literally all day in Pinterest looking for ideas, but also the woman who is lost in her thoughts and paralyzes the idea of the whole preparation of marriage, sooner or later will be faced with the following question “I need Wedding Planner or I could do it all myself?

The question is correct, especially when one needs to understand the reasons why she will pay the fee for organizing her marriage while she thinks she may eventually be able to complete the process alone to save that cost. “Maybe my mom, sister, best friend and little friend can help and arrange everything for me”? Of course, if you are willing to spend a significant amount of time for a few months looking for suitable partners & recommendations by comparing designs, offers & prices, running with you on appointments, taking on secretarial duties with phone calls, emails & notes, looking for fresh decorating ideas, getting opinions from other friends and of course being committed to being on the job on the wedding day.

Have you wondered how this organization can turn into anything other than the fairytale scenario you had dreamed of and that your beloved “assistants” might lose the best and most fun part of your marriage? Do not forget that the qualitative time for the couple and relatives to enjoy the preparation of the marriage in peace and confidence that everything is flowing smoothly and the privilege to care for themselves, to participate in joy and not in the obligations to live their role, is irreplaceable!

It is remarkable that while the thought of extra costs may be inhibiting at the beginning, after marriage there has not been any couple who, having enjoyed not only the wedding day but also the professional guidance course…. has not been told how right was his decision to entrust the organization of his wedding to a wedding planner!

In order to organize a wedding, an average of 15-20 categories of professionals are involved, at least 6-7 months of preparation with 10-15 hours of work per week are required. A bride also needs to spend enough time from her daily program but also some weekends for research , appointments, offers, contracts, emails, phone calls, lists to find the ideas that will make her marriage stand out and remain within the budget. As for the wedding day … will all those who have been invited (and those who did not know …) who will bring the rice to the church, who will share it, if some guests leave and do not attend the reception who will give them bonbons , who will gather the family for traditional photos, who will check that the reception area has been prepared and that they are all ready for the guests?

The role of wedding planner is important as it not only generates the overall picture and coordinates the actions with programming, but also gives advice, ideas, negotiates, manages and keeps on the level of the wedding budget discussed so that the money available to someone exploited in the most appropriate way!

It is worth enjoying these unique moments of your life with the company “Weddingfairytales” and experiencing an amazing, joyful and quality wedding planning experience!