Myrto Karampatsou and Michalis Skrimpas, only a sweet smile and beautiful moments come to mind from your wedding day! A wedding filled with vibrant colors, from our beloved M&Ms to the flowers, and the joyful atmosphere that lasted until the morning hours. The beautiful ambiance of an exceptional location, the Neo Kastro in Pylos, serene yet marvelous!

Myrto and Michalis, may you always live happily and in love! Thank you for allowing us to be part of your special day!

Event Planning: Wedding Fairytales

Church: Holy Transfiguration Church, Neo Kastro Pylos

Reception Venue: Ammothines Restaurant

Photographer & Cinematography Drone: Theodora DroneGr Drakopoulou – Cinematography Solutions

Sweets: Sitos Afroditi Anastopoulou

Biscuits: Elina’s Sweet Adventures

Wedding Cake: Carino

Many thanks to Theodora Drakopoulou for generously providing the photographic material! The first photos are courtesy of Theodora Drakopoulou, while the following images are from the Wedding Fairytales team.