Absolute trust, good-heartedness, a wonderful aura, and collaboration, beautiful people, and boundless love for little Leonidas, friends, and relatives, are the impressions that stayed with me and my entire team from this relaxing three-day experience on the beautiful island of Andros. Ourania Mousafeiropoulou and Konstantinos Goneos, words fall short to express my gratitude for your hospitality. Thank you for the absolute trust you showed in me despite our long-distance collaboration.

I would like to extend my thanks to the wonderful Elina Tzalali because every time she outdoes herself with her marvelous creations. I also thank Efi Kontogianni for the beautiful inspiration for our invitations. Lastly, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my team, who went above and beyond to make it to the island!!!

So, the scene was set with great love next to the chapel of Agios Kyprianos, combining the blue of the Aegean Sea with pure white. I hope for new collaborations in the future, my best wishes to little Leonidas!!

Organization: Wedding Fairytales

Venue: Beach Party Kalivia Beach Bar Andros

Sweets: Elina Tzalali

Baptismal Set: Wedding Fairytales

Invitations: Efi Kontogianni

Chapel: Agios Kyprianos Andros